Police clash with protestors during G20 summit

Police clash with protestors during G20 summit

The Prime Minister will warn Islamic State is exploiting loopholes to build up finances, as she calls for action to make the system entirely hostile to terror groups.

Police said that at least 111 officers were hurt during those clashes, one of whom had to be taken to a hospital with an eye injury after a firework exploded in front of him.

In a Twitter post on Friday, Trump wrote of the G-20 that "I will represent our country well and fight for its interests!"

And protests continued to break out on the streets, and some protesters tried to barricade intersections to prevent G20 leaders from getting to their meetings.

So far, Western leaders have adopted a series of different approaches to this.

The Chinese leader also urged G20 members to cooperate more in education, training, employment, business start-up and wealth distribution-related mechanisms. If lucky, President Jinping may convince Vladimir Putin to jointly tackle the recalcitrant Kim Jong-Un.

US President Donald Trump was on the fringes at the G20 summit - in the leaders' group photo, that is. Many of the protests were defused using tear gas, pepper spray and water cannons. There is unlikely to be any progress on either Ukraine or Syria. But the incendiary mix of anarchists and anti-Trump hysterics turned Hamburg into a war zone. "We just hope, as we say in Hamburg, that he has a healthy dose of common sense - and a few good advisers at his side". The question that comes to my mind is whether she will have enough time to spare for Africa's perennial economic problems.

Marine police units intercepted 22 divers from the environmental pressure group Greenpeace who had also been trying to reach the concert hall, police said.

But Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, was welcomed with open arms. "Very bad for U.S. This will change". The G20's original remit was to avoid future financial crises from happening through concerted harmonised responses and policies. He said 20 world leaders, cloistered in a conference center, "have no right to decide on the future of humanity".

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"We must remain committed to openness and mutual benefit for all so as to increase the size of the global economic 'pie'", said Xi, who is at the helm of the world's second-largest economy.

And it seems Mrs Merkel agrees.

Melania Trump is among a host of A-listers allegedly trapped in a Hamburg hotel room because of riots during the G20 meeting in Germany. One passer-by is hit and thrown to the ground by a police officer and later dies of internal bleeding.

Others affected included Theresa May's husband Philip and French president Emmanuel Macron's wife Brigitte.

About an hour before the violence broke out, he met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel for closed-door discussions.