Windows 10 on ARM only gets a brief mention at IFA 2017

Windows 10 on ARM only gets a brief mention at IFA 2017

The software giant is launching a couple of Windows Mixed Reality headsets from companies like Dell, Lenovo, and Acer on October 17 alongside the release of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

A video summary of the current situation with the Windows 10 MR devices is available to view below.

Mixed reality is the term Microsoft uses to describe software that covers both augmented and virtual reality. The software upgrade, its fourth update, will be offered from Oct. 17 to existing customers of Windows 10 running on more than 500 million devices, the company said. Through Story Remix, Windows users will be able to create photo montages, edit videos, and even add in 3D effects, all with a simple click of a button.

We are on track to see Windows 10 on Snapdragon devices become available this year as previously shared.

The announcement concerning Microsoft's line of Windows 10 Mixed Reality devices at IFA Berlin trade fair has generated much excitement and speculation.

"The future is before us, we're proud to be here at IFA with our partners building the future together". It's not clear when Microsoft will be ready to talk about it, but the company's traditional hardware event in October could be the perfect opportunity to do it.

Windows 10 Mixed Reality
Lenovo pulls the curtain back on its Explorer Windows Mixed Reality headset

The major feature of this update is that it makes the Windows 10 platform more open for VR headsets.

This is the core of Fall Creators Update, it's all about unleashing customers' creativity and having some fun while at the same time keeping them safe and secure.

Lastly, with the Fall Creators Update brings Windows Mixed Reality.

The update introduces a timeline wherein users can effortlessly scan through previous projects, apps, and other files, whether it was months or years ago.

The main addition will be Windows Mixed Reality front and centre, to reflect the wide range of silly hats that are coming out in time for the holiday season, in the hope you can drown out the snores of your gin soaked Gran with some alternative life.