A Look At The State Of Diplomatic Efforts In Afghanistan

A Look At The State Of Diplomatic Efforts In Afghanistan

No group has claimed the responsibility for the attack so far. It was the first "Green Zone" attack since May 31, when a truck bomb exploded there and killed dozens.

A day earlier, a suicide bomber believed to be as young as 12 struck Kabul's heavily fortified diplomatic quarter and killed at least five people, showing that militants can still hit the heart of the city despite tighter security.

The Afghan Health Ministry confirmed that at least five people, mostly government employees, had died and nearly 30 others were injured, the Afghan media reported. "It was a horrible scene", an eyewitness told TOLOnews. "We believe concerted efforts by states, and close cooperation among them, are needed for eliminating the scourge of terrorism".

The last major assault in Kabul was on October 20 when a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a Shiite mosque during evening prayers, killing 56 and wounding 55.

Special truck scanners, barriers and permanent and mobile checkpoints have been rolled out across the city.