Democrats have more reasons to worry than to be happy

Democrats have more reasons to worry than to be happy

Or should perhaps some credit go to Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and venerable political tradition?

"Our majority will be smaller, but our resolve and commitment to good governance based on conservative principles remains strong and unwavering", he said. "It was quite the moment", Hull said. The Democrats dominate in urban areas, among non-whites and among more educated whites, particularly professional ones.

There is no way to spin Tuesday as other than a Little Bighorn, and possible harbinger of what is to come.

That's when the fun will begin. Had the maps been drawn equitably, more Democratic candidates would have prevailed. The schools were ranked together last week for the first time since 2005. Promise to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it?

Besides: Northam's victory did not occur in isolation.

"Another big opponent of keeping the Hondurans in the United States under this status was Attorney General Jeff Sessions". His speeches recalled not Trump's run, but that of the Republicans Trump trounced.

"They say the candidates can't keep spending, spending, spending", she added. But imagine the counterfactual.

This turns out to be true even in the context of an apparent populist revolt. And Gillespie is the very epitome of the Washington swamp: party boss, K Street lobbyist, Capitol Hill and White House staffer. After two straight weeks of schedules loaded with marquee matchups, Wolverines-Badgers is the only game on the slate matching ranked teams.

These subjects make for interesting political conversation.

But those results weren't limited to Virginia, and across the country people of color and progressives won resounding victories.

After a brief interruption by outgoing Republican governor Chris Christie, New Jersey is simply reverting to form by voting in a Democrat slate, guaranteeing a resumption of that state's slide toward the inevitable fiscal fate of other traditional Democrat cesspits like Connecticut, Illinois and Puerto Rico: eventual bankruptcy.

First, it's not going to be convincing to Trump-haters.

The House is different, though. Except that those opponents actually outspend Dominion in the aggregate. But this triumph didn't help Democrats win control of the state legislature.

Similarly, Doug Schoen of Fox News wrote that Virginia is now a "seemingly reliable blue state", attributing Gillespie's loss to the fact that minorities turned out in large numbers for Democratic candidate Ralph Northam.

And, he said, all sorts of variables enter every campaign and must be taken into account. Well, no: Environmental groups gave him $3.8 million. "They're not tied to party lines any more".

Yet this, too, is no surprise.

On Tuesday, the people made their thoughts and feelings abundantly clear. The divide is more geographic, ethnic, and cultural than it is economic.

Gillespie may have been doomed even if he remained the mainstream Republican candidate he was when he barely survived the primary against a Trump-inspired gadfly, when he properly denounced white supremacists in August, or when he set out to run a campaign about the economy and taxes. The 'reformers' do not believe money is corrupting.