Democrats make gains across America one year after 2016 election loss

Democrats make gains across America one year after 2016 election loss

Before you shrug this race off as meaningless, keep in mind Astorino was very close with Trump- having been considered for a place in Trump's cabinet.

He will be joined in entering office by Virginia Democrat Ralph Northam, who will keep the state under Democratic control after defeating Republican Ed Gillespie.

Andrea Jenkins became the first openly transgender person of color to be elected to office in the United States by winning a city council seat in Minneapolis. And there are lots of those around the country.

The large Democratic-voting turnout was mostly focused in northern Virginia, demonstrating a large divide in the state and possibly explaining why Virginia has sometimes turned purple.

Liberals also kept hold of the New York City mayorship, with incumbent Bill de Blasio cruising to an easy victory over Republican Nicole Malliotakis. In Prince William County, a commuter train ride from D.C., Danica Roem will become the nation's first openly transgender state lawmaker.

He said the Republican Party would continue to win because the economy was "doing record numbers". "Trumpism without Trump can show the way forward", Steve Bannon, Trump's former adviser, insisted this weekend.

She could not win that district now.

Different states have decided through their legislatures whether or not to expand the measure, though the Maine election, after the move was repeatedly vetoed by the state's governor, was the first time it had been put directly to voters.

While local politics and issues weighed heavy on voters' minds, some also were driven by lingering resentment from Hillary Clinton's loss or still excited by Trump's win.

Fox News's Brit Hume is criticizing President Trump's response to Republicans losing the Virginia governor's race. But Gillespie embraced those themes and he and his party were routed.

Murphy has promised to appoint an attorney general who'd fight the White House over immigration policy and called on voters to elect him as a check on Trump. He has led a unified government for nearly a year, and has yet to sign a meaningful piece of legislation. Christie is term-limited from running again.

"It is important to note that Washington state has a two-year budget cycle, and 2018 is a supplemental budget year", says Tara Lee, a spokeswoman for Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee.

"You can't really look at tonight's results and conclude that Democrats are anything other than the current favorites to pick up the U.S. House in 2018", Dave Wasserman, who analyzes U.S. House and statehouse races for the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, said on Twitter. Fairfax and Herring both won 53 percent of the vote for their respective elections.

Anti-Trump Republican John Weaver, a former campaign aide to John Kasich, tweeted: "GOP, you're seeing the future". The leader of your party is a boor, an ingrate and, as Northam declared in his effective Democratic primary advertising, a "narcissistic maniac".

Washington Post pollster Scott Clement noted that Northam won non-gun households by the highest margin of any recent high-profile Democratic candidate.

"I like the direction our country is going right now", said McKellar, an operations manager for an industrial company.

57% of respondents said they disapproved of Trump's job as president, compared to just 40% who said they approved. Trump also delivered a warning to North Korea: "Don't try us".

Their message of economic-opportunity-for-all was swamped in sociological polemics. On Election Day, two more Republican congressmen retired.

The victories - especially the win in Virginia - are a shot in the arm to the beleaguered Democratic Party, which has lost four special congressional elections to Republicans since Donald Trump was elected president a year ago.