Samsung Galaxy Note9 project is codenamed Crown

Samsung Galaxy Note9 project is codenamed Crown

And if you really want a grown-up smartphone, you'd go for a Samsung Galaxy, specifically its $1,000 Galaxy Note 8. We got edge to edge displays, 10nm processors and facial recognition. Then, boy meets girl and "That's a big phone" was what he said. Manufacturers have moved forward in leaps.

At the end of the commercial, called "Growing Up", the protagonist is seemingly fed-up with Apple's problems, and gifts himself a brand new Galaxy Note 8.

And, as is usually the case, the focus now shifts on next-gen device. The aging man glances over at a Galaxy S8 sitting on a wireless charging pad as he listens to wired headphones using Belkin's ridiculous headphone/lightning adapter.

While Apple previously made the argument that they wait to implement technology so they could do it better, that argument has fallen flat in recent years.

The Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition will be available for U.S. customers starting this week for $994, nearly $50 more than a standard Note 8. Today's leak sheds some light on its production cycle and internal codename.

Meanwhile, he can't resist the temptation of his girlfriend's Samsung smartphones, finally joining Team Android.

It's not quite clear what the fate of Bixby will be. Earlier rumors for the Note 9 suggest that the device will deliver where its predecessors failed.

This all shows that Samsung is so scared of the iPhone X and knows that its sale will surely take a dip as the Apple's fresh launch is full of features and can take over the market of its high-tech smartphones.

The 2017 scene hits close to home for music lovers.

2015 brings more waiting in line, presumably for the iPhone 6s, while 2016 shows how well the Galaxy phones stand up to being dunked in water. Already, the Note lineup is the only one with dual cameras. Under the hood, it is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset (or Exynos 8895 chipset depending on the region) along with 6GB of RAM.

Likewise, Samsung has released a new ad on YouTube openly mocking Apple's 10 years journey of iPhones.