Wray Morrison: Interest up in Grey Cup

Wray Morrison: Interest up in Grey Cup

Sorry Sunday Night Football, the Grey Cup stole Sunday Night Twitter.

As for the halftime show, it was obvious that it would be a memorable one seeing how Shania Twain made her way to the stage and she didn't disappoint.

Conjuring images of Tina Turner with head of big curls, and red fur coat and boots over a glittering red and silver catsuit, Twain opened with her 1998 hit "That Don't Impress Me Much".

She sang "Life's About to Get Good" from her new album "Now".

First, it was snowing crazy hard because, of course it was. Toronto's Ricky Ray threw the football 100 yards for a successful catch by teammate and game MVP DeVier Posey and set a Grey Cup record.

The connection between the events on the field and Canadian lore were not lost on the viewers, either. I feel like a woman!' to sum up Sunday perfectly.

Canadian hip-hop artist SonReal performed in the pre-game show, while Toronto-based singing group Choir!

Yes, there's a new song in the middle, but any loss of momentum is suddenly reversed by those opening chords of "Man!"