Xbox One X buyers should brace for hefty downloads

Xbox One X buyers should brace for hefty downloads

They will have to decide if they want to pick up a true new mid-gen console or not.

The Xbox One X can capture video clips of up to 30 seconds long at 4K HDR, but if you're not watching on an HDR compatible display, the effect gets a little lost. It's also one of the only games in the world to have Kinect control capabilities along with HDR10 and 4K capabilities. We mentioned earlier about getting your TV settings correct and here is another spot where you'll know if everything is talking correctly or not. There will certainly be an update waiting for you when you first switch on and connect to the internet; a necessary peril of modern gaming.

So, the only question is: Do I need an Xbox One X if I already have an Xbox One or One S?

The first thing you notice when unboxing the Xbox One X for use is just how heavy it is. Thankfully regular Xbox Ones default to ignoring the 4K assets, but that's no solace to those on One X. With 1TB of space inside on an SSHD, 780GB of which is available to users, ardent gamers will find themselves butting into the storage limits very soon without investing in an external drive. That being the case, it's probably even smarter to sit and wait to see how the library of games shakes out and wait for a title that you really just gotta see in full-on 4K. We started to download Forza 7 which is almost 100GB so keep that kettle running! And really, blurs the generational hardware lines to a point where you start to see part of Microsoft's big picture. This far into the the home gaming timeline consoles are starting to look like wee slabs of hardware art. Sleek, black as brushed obsidian and sitting next to my original 2001 Xbox, the One X is like a Tesla bunking with The Homer. And what Microsoft has been able to do with the Xbox 360 emulator on the One X is nothing short of astounding.

These monster-sized files can also have an impact on install and load times because so much data needs to be transferred to and from the 5400rpm hard drive. And after a week or so of hands on time, here's how it seems to be measuring up.

The most essential game on my list here is Forza 7. When it comes to experiences beyond the panel in the TV we need to look to software and services.

The new user interface is designed to allow you to get a whole lot more out of your gaming including joining friends online, look for groups, club activity and watch friends broadcasting their gameplay.

You didn't think that Sony was going to let Microsoft have a nice, quiet launch on Tuesday, did you?! Even if you don't currently own an Xbox One but have access to one, you can use this following trick to ready up (assuming the person who owns the Xbox One doesn't mind you using their bandwidth). While it's about the size of an Xbox One S it feels like it weighs at least twice as much. If you're a casual, couch-based gamer, don't bother with the One X, unless perhaps you see a 4K TV in your future.

You feel like you could just step into the action, especially while watching on one of Samsung's 65 inch QLED TVs. In fact, there's a certain PlayStation 2-like quality, with the main body of the console overhanging the base in a way that helps disguise the console's size even further. Ahead of launch, only a handful of Microsoft-exclusive games are available with full enhancements.

For any of the games listed on the Xbox One X Enhanced website that are already categorised as 'Available Now', you can download their Xbox One X-specific patches on an older Xbox console. The one difference is the Xbox One X's ability to play games in 4K/HDR. The store also has a new 4k section showcasing the best of that genre of gaming and entertainment. But, naturally, you'll get the most out of those improvements if you have a 4K television. There's also the original Assassin's Creed, which sadly had not been patched at the time of writing, but will be by the launch week. The games come extremely cheep when they go on sale. It gives the impression of a solid, well built premium machine, and while our review unit is a standard console and not a snazzy Project Scorpio edition, it's quite nice to look at too. Though it's still very box-like and squared off, in the same vein as the Xbox One S, it manages to be sleeker and more appealing to look at than the slimmer PlayStation 4 or the triple-decker design of the PlayStation 4 Pro.