Hatch denounces Bannon attack on Romney, Mormon church

Hatch denounces Bannon attack on Romney, Mormon church

The Republican National Committee has recommitted money and resources to Alabama's special election on December 12, after President Trump tweeted his support for Senate candidate Roy Moore. Putting aside the thorny thicket of precedents and procedures involved in expelling a senator for behavior that took place before he was elected, the political dynamics are fairly fascinating.

Porter was referring to Moore's Democrat rival Doug Jones, who is pro-choice in the abortion debate.

Citing unnamed sources close to the President - including an administration official and a friend of Trump's - the Daily Beast reported that Trump believes a purported inscription from Moore in a yearbook belonging to Beverly Young Nelson is a forgery, echoing the candidate's talking point. Registered Republican Debbie Wesson Gibson says she had a consensual relationship with Moore when she was 17 and he was 34.

Leigh Corfman, another accuser, also alleged in a Washington Post report that she was 14 years old in early 1979 when Moore kissed her inside a courthouse. "Like many of my colleagues in the United States Senate on both sides of the aisle, I believe the women". "There's more than one way to in fact go out there and do good things for your fellow man".

"As a Duke grad, I vividly remember the false accusations against and defamation of the Duke lacrosse team", Brooks told Publicly and privately, GOP leaders described the allegations against Moore as credible and insisted there were no circumstances under which he should serve in the Senate.

Steve Bannon, back at the helm of the populist political website Breitbart, told supporters at farm outside Fairhope: "They want to destroy Judge Roy Moore".

Within just the past couple of days, the Republican National Committee reinstated its support for Moore, top GOP senators have taken their foot off the gas in their condemnations of Moore, and Trump himself provided his most explicit endorsement of the Alabama Republican to date.

But Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida signaled that he thinks an ethics investigation may not be the best idea.

Bannon is far more focused on economic populism and immigration.

In an op-ed on his website, the Rev. Dwight McKissic of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas, said if Alabama voters elect Moore they are turning their backs on their teenage daughters. "If they can destroy Roy Moore, they can destroy you".

He even mocked Moore for parading across the stage in a cowboy hat while brandishing a small revolver after his primary win. These atavistic dinosaurs provide oxygen to the insane conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton ran a child sex dungeon out of a pizza shop, then heartily endorse a child molester.

Moore just received an explicit endorsement from President Donald Trump earlier this week.