Music Video Review: "Tell Me You Love Me" by Demi Lovato

Music Video Review:

Everyone's greatest fear comes to life in Demi Lovato's new music vid for "Tell Me You Love Me".

In the official music video, you will see Jesse Williams sharing the screen with Demi Lovato.

Wise words! Afterward, she went on to talk about the video, saying that shooting it was 'really fun!' "It's possible we're not ready", Jesse says.

Tell Me You Love Me is the second single from Demi's sixth studio album of the same name, after the international top ten hit Sorry Not Sorry, which became the 25-year-old's highest charting release on the Billboard Hot 100. To which Demi responds, "We're ready". Demi is texting some guy named Erik, and Williams isn't cool with it; meanwhile, she's annoyed that her beau is checking out other girls. As she walks down the aisle, the scene is intercut with footage of the troubled relationship culminating in a painful moment of heartbreak. We had a full on wedding and my best friends were even my bridesmaids and groomsmen. What do you think of the song and music video?

The clip is raw and heartbreakingly beautiful.

Fights revolving around jealousy begin to make the love story feel a bit troubled, as it causes hesitancy toward Lovato and Williams' upcoming wedding.