Two decades ago: The Simpsons' 'predicted' Disney would buy Fox

Two decades ago: The Simpsons' 'predicted' Disney would buy Fox

Previous to this deal's announcement, Fox was already in the process of having its own $US15 ($20) billion proposal to take full control over the UK telecommunications giant reviewed by British regulators who were concerned about the company being entirely controlled by the Murdoch media empire.

Hours after Disney announced the purchase of 21st Century Fox, the actor took to Twitter to tell fans all about the fight he wants a piece of.

The sale marks an epic downsizing for Murdoch, an 86-year-old former Australian who spent his adult life amassing the assets that made him a kingmaker in U.S. and U.K. politics.

Fox's stock had lost momentum until word of the Disney deal. Now, Hollywood as an industry is quite literally shrinking.

The Simpsons predicts our smartwatch future.

Many analysts consider further consolidation simply a matter of time.

Jackman noted that though this year's Logan marked his retirement from the role, "for someone else I would like to see Wolverine in there".

Fox isn't necessarily disappearing.

If the X-Men are brought into the MCU, it's more than likely the current X-Men universe will be rebooted.

But Trump's assessment of it might not be right. In a conference call with investors Thursday, Disney chief executive Robert Iger suggested Fox may function similarly as a label within Disney.

'The Simpsons' 'predicted' Disney would buy Fox - two decades ago

Of course, you shouldn't necessarily expect Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique to share a screen with Chris Pratt's Quill, and not just because of the timeline issues.

Chiklis is best known in the comic community for portraying Ben Grimm, a.k.a. The Thing, in the first two Fantastic Four films. (Nor did it seem to care about disclosing its ownership partnerships with the teams that it covered.) ESPN has dabbled in localizing its brand on several occasions, with limited success.

At the same time, the agreement means that one of moviedom's most celebrated studios, Twentieth Century Fox, will be downsized, with some operations folded into Walt Disney Studios or refocused to make films designed for online distribution.

ABC News spoke to Marvel editors Jordan White and Heather Antos on Thursday to get their expert take and see what they are excited to see in the future.

Iger voiced his support for maintaining those businesses.

The Simpsons movie, which was released in 2007, also appears to have predicted American's National Security Administration drama involving Edward Snowden. "We fully intend to stay in those businesses".

When the deal closes, Murdoch will find himself $4 billion richer, Bloomberg reports. Disney is now better armed to compete against deep-pocketed digital competitors. "Disney needs all this material outside of its own brand which now is its own Disney product, Lucasfilm, Pixar". Especially as the 2015 Fantastic Four was an enormous failure and one of its stars, Michael B Jordan, will feature in the MCU as another character in next year's Black Panther. Disney has pursued an almost completely event-movie strategy (it's releasing only eight movies this year), and it's expected to cut back Fox's theatrical slate.

"They can't be pleased", said Bock of exhibitors. Just how many Marvel movies can Disney release in a year? But the two have been simpatico since Trump locked up the GOP nomination.

India represents the second-largest subscription TV market in Asia, with 154 million households in 2016, according to consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers, which projected that number will grow to 167 million in 2021.

The Simpsons on Greece's financial problems.