Tiffany Trump Dad's Not Getting As Much Mickey D's As He'd Like

Tiffany Trump Dad's Not Getting As Much Mickey D's As He'd Like

Many of President Trump's high-level staff members believe the special counsel's Russia investigation will lead to his resignation or impeachment before his first term is over, according to the new explosive book on the White House and presidential campaign.

"I think one of the interesting effects of the book so far is a very clear emperor-has-no-clothes effect", Wolff said. And as the 45th President celebrates his first year in office, we take at his funniest pics from the past 365 days.

Essentially since the start of the Trump presidents, the liberal media and Democrats have argued that the former businessman is unfit to run the country.

Author Michael Wolff says the book is based on his access to the White House and more than 200 interviews he conducted.

But Tillerson emphasised the right decisions had been made and that the United States is in a stronger place internationally thanks to Trump's policies.

It's understood that Trump's legal team have since sent a cease and desist letter to Mr Wolff and continue to threaten libel lawsuits against him.

"When you write a book like this, people regret what they said to me".

"I consider it a work of fiction", Trump told reporters at Camp David on Saturday. Following Trump's threatening and dangerous tweets about North Korea and Trump's "nuclear button", Richard W. Painter-who served as an adviser to President George W. Bush-tweeted his own concerns about Trump's psychological state, too.

Those who got their hands on one of the prized publications from the limited supply couldn't wait to get stuck in.

Wolff added that he had spoken to people who spoke to Mr Trump on a daily, "sometimes minute-by-minute" basis.

"I support President Trump and the platform upon which he was elected", Mercer said. "Let's remember, this man does not read, does not listen".

Justin Bethel, manager of the Politics and Prose bookstore, said its 30 copies sold out quickly. "It is entirely his reality", Wolff said.

The president bemoaned what he said were "very weak" libel laws in the US.