McCain questions Trump's pick for CIA — The Latest

McCain questions Trump's pick for CIA — The Latest

Some experts believe that more and more high-ranking politicians with moderate views have been ousted from Donald Trump's administration.

The differences are even more stark on the sunset provisions, which are codified in the nuclear deal and which the Europeans and Iran regard as inviolable, according to the diplomats. Foreign governments understood that Tillerson didn't have the president's ear, and the secretary's exit was long expected.

Although Mr Tillerson will not officially leave until 31 March, his deputy John Sullivan take over running the state department pending the confirmation of Mr Pompeo.

In recent weeks, Shulkin has faced an insurgency within his department and now faces fresh allegations that he used a member of his security detail to run personal errands. Doing so would buy U.S. negotiators time to deal with elements of the agreement Trump has disparaged — such as its expiration dates on key nuclear constraints — and missile and terrorism concerns.

"We got along actually quite well, but we disagreed on things", said the president.

While the departure was messy, it is for the best for the State Department. I guess he thought it was OK... Pompeo is also on the same page on the issue with Israeli security officials.

"She'll have to answer for that period of time, but I think she's a highly qualified person", Sen. The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity in order to describe sensitive internal discussions, say Shulkin has been given a final warning to end the swirl of distractions. Post-mortems - like analyses before he was fired - concluded that Tillerson will be remembered as a disastrous secretary of state.

"President Trump needs a secretary of state he has confidence in".

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was surprised to find himself fired via Tweet Tuesday morning.

Leaving Iran free to resume nuclear development at a time when its behavior threatens Arab neighbors and Israel would be worse than senseless.

But the political ground has shifted since the 66-32 vote to confirm Pompeo in January 2017 when the GOP-led Congress was eager to put the new president's team in place and Democrats were unwilling to stand in the way.

U.S. President Donald Trump sacked his first secretary of state, Rex W. Tillerson, on Twitter, Tuesday. This weekend was the bumpiest bit yet as DeVos seemed totally out of her depth in an interview with "60 Minutes" Lesley Stahl.

Tillerson's biggest mistake was his seeming disdain for his own agency. Tillerson advocated a "fix it" in the form of a supplemental agreement, which would preserve the existing accord, which he believed has succeeded.

The USD index, which indicates the U.S. Dollar exchange rate against a basket of 6 other majors, dropped down to the 72-hour low shortly after the news.

"I think the Iran deal is kind of baked".

Haspel oversaw a secret CIA "black site" prison where detainees were tortured as the United States investigated the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. In that that the president has laid out what he wants from international actors ... "To allow someone who had a direct hand in this illegal, immoral and counterproductive program is to willingly forget our nation's dark history with torture".

By tapping Pompeo to replace Tillerson, the White House is counting on a repeat of Senate support for the former Kansas congressman confirmed last year to lead the clandestine agency. Basically, their future performance will depend on that choice.

Last October Mr Tillerson was forced to convene a news conference to deny claims he planned to quit, though he did not address a report that he had referred to his boss as a "moron" after a Pentagon meeting. All the more so when Trump has failed to develop any coherent policy toward Iranian advances in Syria and Lebanon.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry said Wednesday he had no interest in becoming the next head of the Department of Veterans Affairs, flatly rejecting speculation that he would soon take over the position amid rapidly eroding White House support for embattled VA Secretary David Shulkin.