WWE Backlash 2018: Seth Rollins Has Yet Another Defining Performance

WWE Backlash 2018: Seth Rollins Has Yet Another Defining Performance

Riott should, in theory, be headed toward a title shot in the near future. The music entrances started at 11:03 pm eastern. The battle was of all less normal and Randy showed him to Foley who also knows how to play in his field.

In the final sequence, Joe went for his Muscle Buster finisher, but Reigns escaped and hit another spear for the win.

The Backlash may not have the same cache as SummerSlam or Survivor Series but its roots go back to 1999 with unique and memorable encounters.

After Styles and Nakamura put their best foot forward in easily their strongest bout to date, fan were shocked and frustrated by this result. Rollins eventually hit a beautiful Curb Stomp to get the win and retain his Intercontinental Championship. To date, 13 Backlash events have been held (14 with this Sunday) and anything It can happen in this mythical PPV.

Rusev Day are out next to an amazing pop. Rusev calls them Bootleg Bob Dylan and the Booty Boys.

RAW Women's Champion Nia Jax beat Alexa Bliss again last night, but was that the end of their feud?

Besides a nice pop live and some cool RKOs, what does Randy Orton give WWE in 2018?

Right now, there might not be a hotter wrestler on the planet than Rollins, and Vince McMahon essentially acknowledged how hot Rollins has been before the match.

Jeff misses Hardyac Arrest, but gets Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb. However, it would be silly to see fans walking out on your top babyface at this level and still believe there is no problem. Miz moved out of the way and Rollins jammed up his knee. From being The Shield's Architect to crumbling the faction and becoming The Authority's big star, Rollins has done it all.

On the surface, this card looked innocuous with Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe and AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura leading the pack on a night with mostly filler. It's an okay match, but it's hindered by, well, an agitated crowd and a continued focus on Roman Reigns as the main event star.

What stood out to me the most was the fact that Rollins kicked out of two Skull Crushing Finales despite selling a knee injury. Carmella kicked the injured knee and rolled Charlotte up for a quick pin. This match just had a great energy to it from start to finish.

Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley vs. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn was another missed opportunity. Later, the Apex Predator connected with his powerslam and followed it up with the pendant DDT off the middle rope. Due to Brock Lesnar's absence, this will be the main eye-catching match from Raw.

I want WWE to hang a pair of those truck nuts above the ring at Money in the Bank. They were having a completely fine match with their basic back and forth, but the match took on a new dimension with the introduction of the psychology with Seth's knee.